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Novozymes Pristine® is a ground-breaking technology that liberates trapped body grime from laundry and offers a new baseline of cleaning.

The homemaker's dream - a better clean that lasts longer

The homemaker's dream - a better clean that lasts longer

Cleaning can often feel like a never ending task. No sooner have you wiped and cleaned all the surfaces than they’re dirty again. With a probiotic cleaning agent, you can cut down on your cleaning as the active microbial ingredients work for up to seven days!

It might sound too good to be true but the microbes in a probiotic cleaner have been proven to maintain their cleaning power for up to seven days. They remain in a dormant state on the surface but whenever they come into contact with a soil, they spring to life to break it down. Once the soil is removed, the microbes return to their dormant state ready for the next spill.

Now compare this ongoing action with a conventional cleaning agent. This type of cleaner starts working immediately to break down soils, but as soon as the cleaner dries, the action stops. Then the bacteria and pathogens can start to grow again and the surface needs recleaning.

The sweet spot between shelf stable and active germination

While it looks likely that probiotic cleaners will revolutionize cleaning, it’s important to remember that not all microbes are able to deliver this continuous cleaning power. For an ongoing clean, microbes need to remain stable in the bottle yet active on the surface once they come into contact with soils and food remains.

“It’s all about finding microbes that can maintain activity once applied to the surface. They have to be shelf-stable and remain alive in the bottles, yet ready to  germinate and start breaking down soils. This is one of the greatest challenges when working with probiotics in cleaning and one that we have solved with MicroviaTM Pro,” explains John Harp, Senior Scientist at Novozymes.

A healthier way to clean

Using naturally occurring microbes as cleaning agents is part a larger movement towards more sustainable natural cleaning solutions. As the link between conventional cleaning agents and human health becomes more evident, consumers are looking for alternative solutions to harsh chemicals. Alongside this concern around chemicals, consumers are also starting to recognize that exposure to microbes is needed for a robust immune system and that killing them all with disinfectant- type cleaners can actually be harmful to long-term health.