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Novozymes Pristine® is a ground-breaking technology that liberates trapped body grime from laundry and offers a new baseline of cleaning.

You’re missing a cleaning step, add microbes

You’re missing a cleaning step, add microbes

Explore how active probiotics can give you a healthier clean

In recent years, natural has been a key characteristic in many products we use in the home. But when it comes to cleaning, consumers are willing to put aside their desire for a natural clean and attack household germs with harsh and often harmful chemicals. But the good news is that there is a solution available that can deliver a more natural deep-clean that protects our homes and ultimately our health – microbial-based cleaners, commonly referred to as probiotic cleaners.

Before we look at microbial cleaners, it helps to understand how conventional cleaning agents work. Traditional sanitizers and disinfection agents kill most or all of the bacteria and microbes they come into contact with – even those that are beneficial to our home environments. However, their cleaning impact is short lived and as soon as the cleaning agent dries on the surface, the bacteria can freely grow back, and the process needs to be repeated. This leads to oversanitizing and the inadvertent removal of the microorganisms necessary for health.

For a healthy indoor environment

Microbial-based cleaners differ because they use active microbes and bacteria to target and break down left-behind dirt and grime. This mode of action ensures that beneficial microorganisms are left behind on the surface and contribute to the natural balance in the home. Scientists are now understanding that exposure to a varied community of microorganisms in the home is necessary for a robust immune system and can contribute to reducing the risk of allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Furthermore, microbial cleaners can deliver a long-lasting clean because once sprayed on the surface, the active microbes remain behind and ready to act – for days at a time. They fit into even the tiniest cracks and whenever there is a spill or resoiling, the active microbes get to work once again.

A biological shield

Clemens Heikaus, Global Head of Microbial Cleaning at Novozymes, describes the effect as a ‘biological shield’. He explains, “The microbes in microbial cleaners protect the home for up to seven days. This maintains cleanliness at a microscopic level and reduces the risk of oversanitization.”

With the healthier, safer and more natural clean that comes from a microbial cleaner, you can enjoy long-lasting cleaning benefits. And as the active ingredients are naturally occurring, you can avoid harsh cleaning chemicals and clean in a way that is more natural and protective of your homes, loved ones and the environment.

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