Saphera® 2600 L

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Saphera® 2600 L-India is an optimal solution for reducing added sugar in a wide range of dairy products by naturally enhancing sweetness. It’s a bacterial lactase that gives a clean taste and no off-taste during storage.

Saphera® 2600 L-India eliminates lactose by converting it into glucose and galactose to give you greater assurance of reaching desired lactose levels (< 0.01% residual lactose). Suitable for fresh, ESL and UHT milk, milk drinks, cream, ice cream, fermented dairy products and dulce de leche. It also stabilizes sweetness in sugared dairy products so they can maintain their taste levels during shelf life.


2600 LAU-B/g


  • Less added sugar
  • Optimal solution for fermented dairy products
  • Better control of lactose elimination
  • Cleaner taste
  • Better sweetness control in sweetened dairy products