Better price point, Lesser added-sugar,

Saphera FMP-L

Lesser added-sugar, better price point

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Saphera® FMP converts the lactose into glucose and galactose, each of which are higher in sweetness that lactose. This enables yoghurt producers to reduce the amount of added sugars and still achieve the same degree of sweetness in their products. 

Naturally enhancing the sweetness and reducing added sugar offers cleaner, more attractive product labels.


  • Yoghurt products with less added sugar
  • Suitable for a sugar-reduction toolkit, with no inhibitory effect on sweetness enhancers and high-intensity sweeteners
  • Predictable sweetness using Novozymes relative sweetness calculator tool
  • Stable sweetness and texture over time
  • No process change – lactase can be added together with cultures
  • Formulation flexibility – freedom to use starch-based stabilizers in your yoghurt formulation