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Novozymes Pristine® is a ground-breaking technology that liberates trapped body grime from laundry and offers a new baseline of cleaning.

How far are you on the journey towards
100% biological detergents?

With the BioCompass tool, you can see how close you are to having a truly biological detergent, by rating your detergent on the following parameters:

  • How bio-based is your formulation? 
  • How efficient is your detergent at low temperature washes?
  • How biodegradable are your ingredients?
  • How does your performance compare versus a regional standard detergent?
  • How is your cost profile?

At the same time, you can compare your detergent on these same parameters to a regional standard detergent in the market.

Let's work together towards enabling 100% biological detergents.





Why innovate towards 100% biological detergents?​​

Why innovate towards 100% biological detergents?​​

Consumers, retailers, regulators and non-governmental organizations are increasingly asking for eco-friendly products that are gentler on the planet and for end-users. That goes for laundry products, too.​ As long as green detergents don't compromise on the performance and the cost. 

What is a biological detergent?