Multi-microbe blend, Dry Powder


PondPlus® delivers a stable phytoplankton bloom and good water quality in aquaculture ponds, leading to a healthier crop, higher yields and lower FCR.

Available in 1kg and 10kg pack sizes. 

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Key Benefits Description
  • Stable bloom throughout the crop cycle

    A propriety strain in PondPlus® effectively controls phytoplankton bloom throughout the crop cycle. That allows PondPlus® to prevent algae crashes and overblooming in your pond.

  • Cleaner pond bottom

    Other unique strains in PondPlus® were selected for their ability to work at low oxygen levels. That allows them to digest bottom sludge and excess feed. The result is a cleaner pond bottom.

  • Enhanced yields

    PondPlus® helps to ensure an optimal, stress-free environment. That improves survival and feeding rates. The end result is lower feed conversion ratio (FCR), enhanced yields and a healthier bottom line for your business.

Successful pond aquaculture relies on a stable phytoplankton bloom and good water quality. Maintaining these throughout the crop cycle helps ensure high yields, low FCR, and a disease-resistant crop.

PondPlus® is a synergistic blend of proprietary microorganisms. PondPlus® is a synergistic blend of proprietary microorganisms. It controls phytoplankton bloom and maintains water quality during the crop cycle. It also degrades organic bottom waste.

With PondPlus® - a healthy pond

With PondPlus® - a healthy pond

The green color of this pond treated with PondPlus® indicates good water quality and a stable bloom. It indicates healthy conditions for aquatic life.


Without PondPlus® -poor conditions

Without PondPlus® -poor conditions

The darker color of this untreated pond, as well as the turbidity and foaming, are all caused by overbloom. They indicate poor conditions for aquatic life.


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