How microbials improve agriculture

How microbials improve agriculture

Microbials, notably bacteria and fungi are types of agricultural biologicals that protect crops from pests and diseases and enhance plant productivity. Learn about the process of our microbial discovery and fermentation and production of industrial microbes, allowing us to bring biological solutions to farmers all over the world.

Microbial discovery 

Soil samples and collected from targeted fields all around by agronomists. From the samples, thousands of microorganisms are grown in special media and under special conditions. Pure colonies of the isolated micro-organism are DNA-sequenced, identified, characterized and classified. Novel assays are developed to screen identified microorganisms for their potential benefits. Beneficial microbes are then fermented, formulated and field tested. Lastly, the potential of the microbes in increasing fertility and yield and in crop protection is measured.

Enhance and protect

Enhance and protect

All over the world, farmers are facing the dilemma of how to enhance the productivity and sustainability of their land. In Novozymes BioAg, we work with partners to bring biological solutions to farmers to improve production and enhance yield.

Our crop production applications include biocontrol and bioyield enhancer products and are based on microorganisms and naturally occurring fungus to:

  • Provide powerful control against insects, diseases and weed pests

  • Enhance the crop’s nutritional capabilities to improve plant growth, increase stress tolerance and improve yield.


Microbials work as inoculant and biocontrol products to help plants take up nutrients and protect against pests, diseases and weeds. The products can be used by farmers to grow broad acre crops such as corn and soy as well as fruits and vegetables.

Foliar spray

Foliar plant spray involves applying fertilizer directly directly to a plant's leaves as opposed to putting it in the soil.

In furrow

Utilizes nutrients in the soil - Stronger, healthier plants with enhanced root systems - New options for sustainable agriculture.

Seed treatment

Seeds are coated with fertilizer before planting.

The power of microbes

The power of microbes

Microbes are all around us, yet not always in a harmful way. Wide range of industries including BioAgAnimal health and Water & waste, around the world use microbes from Novozymes to improve our lives.

Beneficial microbes

Beneficial microbes

Microbes can supply plants with beneficial phosphorus, enhance root growth giving plants a good start and physical support. They can also protect plants from disease and repel pests and help them tolerate conditions like heat, flood and drought.

Fermentation and production of industrial microbes

First step is growth in microtiter plates. Microbes are then isolated, tested in shake flaks and in the lab. Production takes place with fermentation scale-up by a factor of 200.000.000 by volume.

Partner with us

Your innovation partner

Our commitment to innovation has helped us develop the world’s leading microbial inoculant, biostimulant and biocontrol solutions portfolio. 

By partnering with us, you could make that commitment work for your business. 

Our partner-focused innovations are built on:
  • Investment, with around 14% of our revenue going towards research and development
  • Vertical integration from discovery to production. That leads to close cooperation between our R&D and commercial teams
  • A global presence, with fermentation facilities across the globe ensuring that you can trust us to deliver on time
  • World-leading formulation technologies that promote homogeneity and stability in our products