Optimize your distillery and enjoy higher yield

Optimize your distillery and enjoy higher yield

Adding enzymes to your ethanol distilling process will improve your production and reduce the number of issues you might usually face. With our quality enzymes, you will benefit from a larger ethanol output, a faster production process, and most importantly you will enjoy a higher overall quality. Trust our enzymes to successfully upgrade your distilling process and let our team of experts help you at every step.

How you can benefit from our enzymes 

By implementing enzymes in your distilling process, unlock the following benefits:

  • Higher ethanol yield: Our enzymes maximize the starch and dextrin conversion into sugar as well as the conversion into ethanol for yeast fermentation.
  • Faster fermentation rates: With faster ethanol production early in the fermentation process, reduce the overall time needed for your production and decrease your CO2 consumption by 20% on average.
  • Lower viscosity: Reduce the viscosity of your mashes and liquids and expect less wear on your equipment (pumps, heat exchangers, or jet cookers).
  • Wider pH range tolerance: With a wider pH tolerance, face fewer potential issues and efforts while reducing the costs and chemicals needed for your mash.
  • Reduced bacterial infection: By increasing the temperature and lowering the pH of your production process, inhibit bacterial reproduction that would otherwise decrease your sugar levels.

Reduce the viscosity of your mash with our enzymes

Viscosity can cause problems in production and can reduce the longevity of your machinery. This happens especially with small grains (such as rye, wheat, barley, and triticale) and is caused by water-binding non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs). Those are challenging to extract and call for special enzymes. Our viscosity-reducing enzymes break down NSPs so the production can run at a high DS level while giving you a great flexibility in the choice of your raw materials.

The best Alpha Amylase enzymes for your starch conversion

To benefit from an optimal distilling process, you need to convert your solid starch into liquid mash. That way, it does not get stuck in your machinery and allows the yeast to successfully be converted. Making it a liquid not only makes it easier to pump around and leaves less residuals, but it also reduces the need for adding water and by consequence reduces the energy needed. Our Alpha Amylase enzymes can help you improve your results of liquefaction by cutting the complex carbon structure into smaller pieces, thus making it a liquid ready for further saccharification.

Add optimized enzymes to your saccharification process

For your spirit production, the more ethanol the better. Enzymes for saccharification maximize the conversion of dextrins and oligosaccharides into fermentable sugars to let the yeast produce as much alcohol as possible. While distillers traditionally heat up starch to decompose it into sugars, you can now improve this process by adding optimized enzymes that will increase your yield more efficiently and at lower costs. Contact us today and receive expert advice for free.

From grain to alcohol using enzymes and yeast

From grain to alcohol using enzymes and yeast

Understand the process of turning grain into alcohol by using enzymes and yeast.

Watch the video, now.

Level up your ethanol production

When producing ethanol for spirit production, knowing which types of enzymes to use and what dosage to proceed with can feel like a challenging prospect in the beginning. That is why our technical team of experts have collaborated to produce a general dosing guidance along with a list of instructions to help you improve your distilling process for vodka, whisky, and gin production.

Improve your vodka production with our enzymes

The fermentation and distilling process is a critical step in making high-quality vodka. When ethanol is produced, vodka makers sieve out of the solid mixture and end up with pure liquid alcohol. This process can be easily improved using enzymes. Check out our detailed expert recipe to help you adding first-class enzymes to your production.

Enzymes used:

Viscoferm® - A viscosity-reducing enzyme
Liquoflow® GO 3X - An Alpha Amylase
Saczyme® Plus 2X - A Gluco Amylase

Consider adding enzymes to your gin production

Gin is an alcoholic liquor with a strong juniper berries flavour. Distilled with spices and herbal add-ons,its production process is similar to the one for vodka. Here, learn more on how to produce your gin with our enzymes, thus allowing you to improve efficiency, yield, and also quality. 

Enzymes needed:

Viscoferm® - A viscosity-reducing enzyme
Liquoflow® GO 3X - An Alpha Amylase
Saczyme® Plus 2X - A Gluco Amylase

Optimize your whisky production with our enzymes

Single malt whisky is a liquor made from cereal grains that provide starch which is then converted into alcohol. Its production can be facilitated by the use of non-GM enzymes. Furthermore, blended whisky is a mixture of single malt whisky and grain neutral spirit that is obtained from distilling fermented mash.

Follow our special instructions and easily implement our enzymes into your distilling process.

Enzymes needed for single malt whisky:

Ultraflo® XL - A viscosity-reducing enzyme
Termamyl® Classic - An Alpha Amylase
Amylase® AG300 L - A Gluco Amylase

Enzymes needed for blended whisky:

Viscoferm® - A viscosity-reducing enzyme
Liquoflow® GO 3X - An Alpha Amylase
Saczyme® Plus 2X - A Gluco Amylase

Get expert advice on opportunities or challenges for your distillery

We offer expert consulting and enzyme samples all for free, so that you can experience the results first-hand. As the world leading enzymes producer, Novozymes offers products that are optimized for distilling. Our team is made of some of the best experts to continually help our customers solve problems and get the best results.

What you can expect:

✓ 0,5 to 5% higher ethanol output

✓ Lower production costs

✓ No investment in expensive equipment

✓ Individual guidance

✓ Troubleshoot issues and support with product optimization

Meet our team of experts

Distilling with Biology is an initiative created by Novozymes for passionate and quality conscious distilleries of all sizes and locations. With our knowledge of distilling enzymes and application expertise, we help distilleries achieving high yield and increased efficiency.


"We are now achieving great fermentation results with the use of Novozymes innovative enzymes and very competent advice"

- Stig Bendtsen, co-founder of North Zealand Distilleries.

"With Novozymes enzymes, we achieved over 95% efficiency in extraction of fermentable sugars from bread waste"

- Vivek Narisetty, Ph.D. Cranfield University