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Novozymes Pristine® is a ground-breaking technology that liberates trapped body grime from laundry and offers a new baseline of cleaning.

Premium Enfuze® technology is simpler for you, better for consumers

Premium Enfuze® technology is simpler for you, better for consumers

Enfuze® co-granulation technology ensures even distribution of different enzymes in your laundry powder. Consumers get consistently high wash performance. You get simplicity.

Make sure every scoop is the same every time

Your detergent (wisely) includes different types of enzymes to address different consumer needs.
But it might not be delivering the same benefits in every scoop. That’s because the detergent contains thousands of individual enzyme granules for each different enzyme type. And those granules don’t always distribute evenly in the detergent.

So, the consumer might unintentionally target starch stains in one load (if there’s a disproportional amount of amylase granules in the scoop). Then greasy stains in another (if there are more lipase than amylase granules, for example).


All the benefits of enzymes in every granule

But with premium Enfuze® technology, each and every enzyme granule contains all the enzymes your detergent needs – not just one type. Your product is more uniform, with less wash-to-wash dosage variation. And consumers get more consistent wash performance.


Always TiO2-free

Enfuze formulation complies with the new EU regulation about titanium dioxide. Thus, any Medley® multi-enzyme product you order with Enfuze® is TiO2-free.

Powered by Evity®

Every Medley® multi-enzyme solution with Enfuze® comes with Evity® – Novozymes’ proprietary enzyme stabilization technology. 

Evity® safeguards enzyme performance, regardless of the harsh ingredients and challenges a detergent faces on its journey from factory to washing machine. Evity® products also are compatible with more detergent formulations than enzyme products without Evity®


Frequently asked questions

About Enfuze® products

How much better is Enfuze® compared to a standard blend?

Enfuze® will always be better than a blended product. How much better depends on the scoop size, enzyme dose and number of enzymes used. In many cases, we have seen up to 2-3 times improvement in terms of variation.

What products come with Enfuze®? 

Seven Novozymes Medley® products are currently produced with Enfuze® technology.

When can I convert to Enfuze®? 

It depends on which product you select. Together, we can evaluate which of the seven products best meets your needs.

If you’re a current customer, please contact your account manager. Otherwise, please contact us to learn more.

About variation

What does lower variation mean to the wash performance?

In a powder detergent, different granules carry a different ingredient. And each time the consumer takes a scoop of the detergent, the composition is different.

Since enzymes are so powerful, they make up only a small percentage of all the granules. With a lower variation, you run a lower risk of having too few enzymes present in a scoop of detergent. In other words, lower variation means the consumer will experience fewer occasions where the composition of a scoop differs.

If variation is such an issue in powder detergents, should I just remove enzymes from my formulations?

Enzymes provide unique performance benefits to your detergent. They’re also an excellent way to optimize cost. Enzymes are especially attractive from a cost/performance perspective in challenging wash conditions (e.g., cold wash and quick wash) and in compact detergents. 

Enfuze® technology simply allows you to get even more benefits with enzymes.

About enzyme stability

How is the stability of the enzymes in Enfuze® compared to a standard blend?

You can expect the same high level of stability in an Enfuze® co-granule as in a blended solution with Evity®. Our proprietary Evity® technology overcomes challenges such as bleach, high temperatures and humidity). All Enfuze® products come with Evity®.