Webinar: Bread freshness – Delivering on consumer demands

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Consumers expect a lot when it comes to the texture of packaged bread. 'Soft', 'tender' and 'delicate' are some of the claims of new brands. Among younger consumers, health consciousness and lower food waste also plays a key role in the purchase decision of bakery products.

In this on-demand webinar, Novozymes and Univar Solutions introduce key market and consumer trends in Europe and solutions for meeting consumer demands for fresh and high-quality bakery products!

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Preserving the freshness that consumers love: what are the top trends in freshness when it comes to bread?

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The amount of food wasted in the developed world can be staggering. In industrialized countries, consumers annually throw away 286 million tons of cereal products, a category that includes bread.

Freshness to fight food waste

Upon hearing that an estimated one-quarter to one-third of all food produced for human consumption is wasted, many people instinctively point to industrialized nations, and not emerging markets, as the culprits.