Reduce acrylamide levels in food

Reduce acrylamide levels in food

New regulations are being drafted around the world introducing maximum levels of acrylamide, lower than current benchmark levels, in different types of food products. With Novozymes Acrylaway®, we can help you remove up to 95%. 


Regulators are monitoring acrylamide levels for far more food products

Both the EU and the USFDA warn of acrylamide’s possible carcinogenic effects, and consumer organizations have made a call for tougher regulations. The USFDA maintains recommendations for the food industry for how to reduce levels of the chemical, but the guidance is non-binding and does not specify a particular maximum level.

That stands in contrast to the EU, where benchmark levels for acrylamide in food products were introduced in 2018. Under that law, food manufacturers – in addition to restaurants – are required to maintain levels below certain benchmarks.

That brings us to the current situation, where regulators are reportedly considering even lower mandatory levels in upcoming legislation.

How Acrylaway® works

How Acrylaway® works

Starchy foods commonly contain reducing sugars and the amino acid asparagine. When heated, they react, and the asparagine is converted through a series of reactions into acrylamide.

Novozymes Acrylaway® is an enzymatic solution that converts asparagine into another common amino acid, aspartic acid. This means the asparagine cannot be converted into acrylamide.

Acrylaway® reduces acrylamide formation in the broadest range of applications by up to 95%. Products treated with Acrylaway® keep their taste and texture, yet don’t require any additional ingredients or process changes. This allows you meet the demands of health-conscious consumers and keep up with regulation. 


Broadest range of applications

Broadest range of applications

Novozymes' Acrylaway® is particularly robust. It works effectively at the broadest range of applications, offering solutions for baked goods and  breakfast cereals. It also works in plant, fruits and vegetables including potato-based snacks, coffee, and French fries.

With a unique pH and temperature range, award-winning Acrylaway® offers producers the greatest degree of flexibility and consistent results.

Being an enzymatic solution, Acrylaway® does not require any ingredients or process changes and does not impact the eating experience of the final product, e.g. taste and texture. 

Find out how to future-proof your products.

Acrylaway® enzymes cut down on acrylamide content in baked goods and other foods by up to 95%.

Multiple tests using Novozymes Acrylaway® enzymes at independent institutes and in Novozymes’ laboratories have indicated significant reduction in acrylamide levels.

Take a look at the achievable results below.

Food product
Acrylamide reduction
Breakfast cereals
up to 75%
Cookies and biscuits
up to 90%
Crisp bread
up to 90%
up to 90%
French fries
up to 50%
Dough and potato-based snacks
up to 95%
up to 60%

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