Who wants stale or dry?

Who wants stale or dry?

Consumers prefer soft, moist bread. 

Consumers expect a lot when it comes to the texture of packaged bread. “Soft,” “tender,” “delicate” – these are some of the claims of new brands. 

Surveys show that consumers value the sensory quality of moistness. Consumer panels that rated a particular bread high in “moistness” and “tenderness” also gave it a higher “like” score. And a top reason to throw bread out was “dryness.” 

Millenials: an opportunity in the baking industry

Millenials: an opportunity in the baking industry

Among age categories, Millennials represent a particularly interesting opportunity for the baking industry. 

Quality is key, and this demographic refuses to compromise on health and taste. They love trying new bread and bakery creations — especially if they’re worthy of sharing on social media. In short, no matter how you try to reach this group, you need to bring high-quality baked goods that stay fresher for longer. And for that, Millennials are willing to pay a significant premium.

The rising middle class

In emerging markets like China, India and those of the Middle East and Africa, a rising middle class with increased disposable income means consumer trends are changing.

Surveys show that these consumers are more inclined to purchase both traditional and Western baked goods. But while their buying behavior may be changing, their eating habits haven’t necessarily. That’s why, in many regions, breads still have to retain the freshness needed for bendability - both for folding and when being used as a carrier.

Additionally, on-the-go and healthier foods, as well as those that stay fresher, longer, could all be big opportunities for the baking industry.