Novamyl® celebrates 30 years as groundbreaking technology

Novamyl® celebrates 30 years as groundbreaking technology

30 years ago, Novozymes Novamyl® revolutionized the art of bread baking. 

The anti-staling capabilities of this enzyme meant that bread could stay fresh for significantly longer. When bread’s shelf life is extended, bakeries, consumers, and the environment all enjoy a number of benefits, including more efficient bread production; better distribution planning; farther geographical reach; reduced packaging; better-quality bread for longer; and reduced waste, which in turn leads to savings in CO2 emissions.

“2020 marks 30 years of Novamyl® enabling softer and longer-lasting breads for bakers and consumers,” said Adam Benjamin Vestergaard Diggle, Business Unit Director for Baking at Novozymes. “This transformative technology has allowed bakers to deliver better quality and longer lasting baked goods. Less bread needed to be thrown away, wasted or returned, resulting in a positive effect on the whole baking value chain. We are proud of this achievement and continue our commitment to innovation for and with bakers across the world.”

Novamyl®: 30 years and never been fresher

Today, of course, the benefits of Novamyl® are just as desirable as when they were first introduced. But in all that time, its widespread industry adoption has added up to a major win for the environment. Here are a few of the estimated effects* that we have been able to achieve with our customers over the last 30 years:

  • Saved bread. Thanks to keeping bread fresher for longer, Novamyl® has saved an estimated 80 billion loaves of bread from being thrown away. If you stacked up these loaves horizontally, it would be tall enough to reach to the moon and back again 10 times.
  • Saved packaging. Those 80 billion loaves translate into roughly 650,000 tons of plastic packaging that didn’t need to be tossed in the trash.
  • Saved carbon emissions. This resulted in about 45 million tons of CO2 savings, which is the equivalent of 12 million tons of coal or 320,000 cars taken off the road per year.

These results just go to show that, although microscopic, enzymes have the power to take on daunting global challenges. And, Novozymes has continuously challenged the status quo, bringing new solutions to market under the Novamyl® brand.

So here’s to Novamyl®, and all of the other enzymes and microorganisms that even now are helping us build a better future with biology.

*Internal estimates based on previous life cycle assessments.

Can we help you produce fresher tasting bread?

Can we help you produce fresher tasting bread?

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