Exciting science!

Join CNN as their health team goes hunting for fungi and enzymes with one of Novozymes’ mycologists on Hampstead Heath in London, including how to combat acrylamide in foods:  "On the hunt for 'zombie fungi' that could save lives -- and the planet"


It's a sunny morning, and Sara Landvik is foraging in the wild parts of Hampstead Heath, one of London's iconic parks. 

She studies the soil, the trees and their roots in search of fungi, because long walks like these are actually part of her job. She regularly ventures out in hope of discovering new fungal species hidden deep in the dirt or high among the trees.

"We want to collect as many diverse species of fungi as possible," said Landvik, a mycologist -- a fungi scientist -- at the biotech company Novozymes. "Diversity is really the key word for everything that we do."

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